View From The Press: Kahn’s new Flying Huntsman is a 6x6 Defender pickup

published on 29th September 2015
Top Gear journalist Vijay Pattni insists if your lifestyle needs require six wheels, three axles, a flatbed at the back and a Batman-spec paintjob, then you are a) a very unique individual, and b) very lucky.

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You are lucky because Kahn has announced a new version of its ‘Flying Huntsman’ Defender, that interestingly titled modified Land Rover Defender. This one now boasts a flatbed load area at the back.

Details are scant, but the premise is quite simple: it’s a six-wheeled Defender with an open space for Things. The Flying Huntsman pickup was unveiled earlier this week. Presumably in several different time zones, judging by the sheer length of it.

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