View From The Press: You Can Now Buy Kahn's 6x6 Flying Huntsman For Half The Price Of A G63 AMG

published on 5th August 2015
Few vehicles are arguably cooler than a G-Class 6x6 AMG and Kahn’s Flying Huntsman is one of them says Bogdan Zoltan of Carscoops.

Officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, this menacing looking 6-wheel Defender took everybody’s breath away. Still, we couldn’t get a good look at it at the auto salon, but now Kahn has decided to present it in all its glory.

Unlike the G-Class which keeps its regular proportions all the way to the cabin, the Flying Huntsman has been extensively modified in such a way that it looks different from a Defender all together. Sure, you can still tell it was a Defender, but the attention to detail and construction are quite mind boggling – I’m talking about the car.

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