View from the press: Defending the concept

published on 16th April 2013

Simon Hastelow Ward of Land Rover World makes one of his semi-regular pilgrimages to Bradford to visit the Kahn Design studio and test drive the Kahn Defender.

Simon insists what Kahn have done with the Defender is shown that it can be an everyday comfortable vehicle.

Some highlights of the editors feature include the following quotes:

“From every seat in this Defender, the comfort level is vastly improved. Every piece of trim has been reworked. There is no bare metal in sight. The quality of stitching, the carpet, the leather on the seats, the leather on the roof, everywhere you look is pure class. No corners have been cut just because it is ‘only a Defender’ the same workmanship and refinement has gone into this that you’ll find in any Kahn badged vehicle.

“They design and make things themselves. So even major components like seats and wheels will only be seen on a Kahn vehicle.

“They’ve actually made it look even more purposeful from the outside with the wide-body panels and other trim, but it is as comfortable and refined as a Range Rover inside.”

To read the entire feature get a copy of the May issue of Land Rover World Magazine.

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