View from the press: Top Gear review the Kahn Defender

published on 9th January 2013

Afzal Kahn insists the road is his catwalk and true to his mantra, he has created a fashion statement in every single sense of the word and the nearly-seventy-year-old original Defender, treated to a makeover by the principal British Designer under the guise of the Kahn expedition Vehicles Umbrella and aptly titled: The Defender Concept 17 Wide Body prototype is proof Afzal Kahn is a keen supporter of investing in British Industry.

Is this the perfect car for the security detail of a very discerning individual?

Well, Top Gear's Ollie Marriage got his hands on the Kahn Defender. And here's what he had to say....

A success then?On the whole yes. I admit to being skeptical about this car before I drove it, and came away quietly impressed. I've no idea what I'd use it for if I had one though, and by the same measure struggle to think of who might want one. The security detail of an anglophile oligarch, maybe?

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