View From The Press: LRM Has A Chat With Coachbuilder Afzal Kahn And Samples His Latest Offerings

published on 15th February 2018
As the editor of a Land Rover magazine, Patrick Cruywagen’s visits to Yorkshire, normally include a stop at, the coachbuilder and the proud British Defender fan, Afzal Kahn of Kahn Design.

In the March 2018 issue of Land Rover Monthly Magazine, Patrick Cruywagen reviews the Chelsea Truck Company Land Rover Defender 110 Double Cab Pick Up Chelsea Wide Track along with the Range Rover Evoque X-Lander Edition.

Read on to find out more about Patrick’s visit.


There is a also a Jeep Wrangler that has been transformed into the Black Hawk Edition by As we take a stroll around his large Bradford HQ, we see a Mercedes-Benz G Class G350 BlueTEC G6 that has been given a wide body kit and complete styling overhaul.


There is a also a Jeep Wrangler that has been transformed into the Black Hawk Edition by the Chelsea Truck Company, one of several companies within Kahn Design. It is the kind of vehicle you would expect a no nonsense individual to drive.


There are also Ferraris and Aston Martins knocking about, but before I get too carried away, I remind myself that we are here today to see Land Rovers.


After our second cup of coffee we are allowed to enter the Kahn inner sanctum.

He would not be out of place welcoming us to one of his London based showrooms on the Kings Road in Chelsea and on Kensigton High Street, which of late has become a haven for connoisseurs of automotive couture.


Instead we find ourselves at Kahn H.Q, talking Land Rovers. I know which one I prefer as I do feel a tad underdressed in my Vans sneakers. They were a Christmas present from my wife.


“It’s a hobby for me. Car manufacturers need to do facelift models every year or so, we don’t have that problem, we just improve them. We view ourselves as game changers and trend setters. If it was not for my wild and out-there ideas at the Geneva Motor Show a couple of years ago, then there would not be a top-end Defender market left. I will always produce them and will take the Defender to my grave with me.”


As the owner of a fairly standard Defender and obviously a big Defender fan, I find it incredible how something that is no longer produced is still able to spawn such an emotive following and very active market.


To read the entire article, pick up a copy of the March 2018 issue of Land Rover Monthly.

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