Signature Wide Arch Body Kit by Project Kahn
Product Information
The Signature Wide Arch Body Kit is manufactured in lightweight composite material and includes the following components:

1. Pair of Vented Front Wheel Arches
2. Pair of Vented Rear Wheel Arches
3. Front Bumper Spats.
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Price :
 Currency £2,340.00 inc VAT    £4,151.08 inc VAT
Fitting & Painting Price :
 Currency £3,000 inc VAT
The estimated time for painting & fitting is 14 working days.
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Available for order.   Estimated delivery time is 28 days.
1 If you select Fitting you will need to arrange to bring your vehicle to our Fitting Centre in Bradford on a mutually convenient date.


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Lower Bootlid Spoiler
Currency £414 inc VAT

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